Five Ways to Give

Mountain Home has been working hard to change lives, two generations at a time for twenty years! But, especially during the holiday season, we need your help.

This October we celebrated our twentieth anniversary by building our community by sharing our story through Facebook posts, hearing from some of our longtime friends, and making new connections all over Missoula. Thanks to the strong network we have built, our important work of empowering moms so children thrive will continue over the next twenty years! We are so proud to be doing this work with your help. 

The work we do at Mountain Home would not be possible without the caring individuals who support us in the following ways:

  • FOLLOW US AND SHARE OUR POSTS! We share posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages with ways to give, donation links, donor shout outs, and general updates. Help us spread the word about the important work we are doing, changing lives, two generations at a time. 
  • DONATE! Gifts can be made online or sent to us at 2606 South Ave W Missoula, MT 59804
  • VOLUNTEER! Get in touch with Get in touch with Erin to learn more about how to get involved as an Open Table volunteer. The national Open Table model helps individuals experiencing poverty and social isolation connect with community resources and develop a network of social support. Each young mom served has a “table” of 6-8 volunteers who meet with them weekly as a group over the course of one year. Learn more.  
  • STAY CONNECTED! Sign up for our Strong Moms newsletter to stay up to date on news from Mountain Home from our executive director.  
  • HELP MEET IMMEDIATE NEEDS! Help us meet needs of moms during the holiday season (and beyond!) by donating gas card to help families get to daycare, school, and work, and to family for the holidays (the Holiday Gas Station on South and Reserve near our office has “gas only gift cards” as do many other gas stations) or please consider donating Target or Walmart gift cards to help fill in the gaps and fulfill Christmas wishes of children served by Mountain Home.


Do you have ideas about other ways you could get involved in the work we do at Mountain Home? Connect with Kat, the Development Coordinator at kat@mountainhomemt.org or 406-241-2184.

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