Practicum student? Passionate about childcare? A professional with skills and expertise to share? Just interested in pitching in?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Mountain Home Montana! We are currently accepting applications and will try to find the best fit between your interests and our needs. We will aim to get back to you within one week of your application submission.

  • Volunteer Application

  • You can learn more about our new Open Table team-based mentoring program at mountainhomemt.org/want-to-be-part-of-building-a-community-of-support
  • Experience can be work or volunteer related.
  • A criminal background check is required if you will be working on site at Mountain Home Montana. In order to help with the cost of background checks and volunteer training, we do request a $10 application fee at the time of interview. If this is in any way an inconvenience, please let the staff interviewer know and the application fee can be waived.
  • Training will be completed prior to the first volunteer shift.
  • For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at volunteer@mountainhomemt.org or by calling (406)-541-0145.
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