Open Table Program

The national Open Table model helps individuals experiencing poverty and social isolation connect with community resources and develop a network of social support. Each young mom served has a “table” of 6-8 volunteers who meet with them weekly as a group over the course of one year. They are also encouraged to socialize outside of meetings – having dinner together, babysitting kids, etc. This year of service helps young moms advance their life goals and creates the ideal conditions for forming natural, lasting relationships. During the pandemic, tables have been meeting in person when it’s safe and over Zoom when necessary.

Recently at Mountain Home, moms have found more support through Open Table than social connections. Open Table mentors have provided tutoring as young families struggle to learn online, offered much needed respite childcare, and helped moms navigate the difficult unemployment process, proving that even in the most difficult time, Open Table mentors are more than just friends. Most importantly the table serves as a  lifeline helping young families weather hardship and build towards a most resilient future.

One volunteer shared with us:

For me, Open Table is a weekly meeting of people committed to loving and supporting not only the friend but all the table members.  I get to see my new friends every week and be a part of guiding a beautiful soul along the way.  We laugh and cry and share and learn. It’s wonderful and a life changing experience!”

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See our recent blog post to learn about how this program has continued to thrive despite difficult circumstances. If you are interested in joining an upcoming table, contact Erin to set up a one-on-one meeting to learn how at erin@mountainhomemt.org.

Open Table Staff

Erin Scoles

Supported Education & Employment Manager

Brittany Hancock

Community Center Manager