Meet Mountain Home’s New Executive Director!

We are excited to announce Stephanie (Steph) Goble as Mountain Home’s new Executive Director! Steph comes to Mountain Home with a background in nursing leadership, nonprofit management, communications, and public health. Over the last seven years, Steph has built a career in nursing, most recently serving as the Clinical Nurse Manager at St. Patrick Hospital, […]

Five Ways to Give

Mountain Home has been working hard to change lives, two generations at a time for twenty years! But, especially during the holiday season, we need your help. This October we celebrated our twentieth anniversary by building our community by sharing our story through Facebook posts, hearing from some of our longtime friends, and making new […]

The light at the end of the tunnel (of stress).

The doctor frowns. You’re not sure if he’s judgy or just too-busy. He recommends changing formula. You have questions, but your chapped lips feel glued shut. You bundle your baby into her car seat, rush outside the health clinic, hop onto the bus then off again at the nearest grocery store, and grab a can […]

Open Table Volunteers Offer Critical Support in Time of Covid

When the COVID lockdown happened in March, we worried about what might happen to our newly launched Open Table program, the volunteer teams already involved, and the moms receiving invaluable support. We should have known not to worry because our Open Table volunteers have heroically stepped up to meet the needs and challenges during this […]

Bittersweet News from Crissie McMullan, Executive Director

Dear Friends of Mountain Home, I have bittersweet news to share. In February of 2021, I’ll be stepping down as Executive Director. My family has long-dreamed of taking a year-long adventure when our daughter hits middle school, and somehow that time has already come. (She was a rising kindergartner when I started at Mountain Home: what a […]

Open Table Mentoring Update and Invitation

Info updated August 27th, 2020 Why me? Why now? In these uncertain times, many of us are wondering how to connect and serve more deeply. During this unprecedented period, we welcome you to take a moment to learn about an exciting and meaningful team-based mentoring model that we have recently launched at Mountain Home, called […]

My son said, ‘I can’t breathe.’

Essay by Jacalyn Wetzel, creator of “Stop Yelling, Please!” Hey friend, Do you remember me? It’s been a while, I know. I sat behind you in civics in junior high. Do you remember me? You were my base on the cheer squad, and once you caught my head just before it hit the ground after […]

When the gratitude journal ain’t happenin’.

Parents who are healthy and have healthy kids know that we should be grateful, but it’s hard to muster up a whole lot of real gratitude these days. Many of us are just too exhausted. Burnt out. Some of us have that wild-eyed look that you typically only see on a sleep-walking three-year-old in a fever dream. Our […]

$1.25 billion in MT can help families in need: ACTION needed ASAP

Dear Friend of Mountain Home, As you may know, Governor Bullock is accepting public comment on how to spend the $1.25 billion appropriated to Montana through the Federal CARES Act. This is an excellent opportunity for increased support for the moms and kids we serve, who are some of the most vulnerable in times of […]