Four Ways You Can Help Young Moms & Kids This Season

We are endlessly thankful supporters like you that are helping build brighter futures for the 160+ young moms and children we serve each year. There are many ways you can lend a hand this season to young families in need, including:

  1. DONATE Give a safe and nurturing home for the holidays for young families by helping provide the housing, education/employment support, counseling, & parent education that is changing lives two generations a time. Please make a gift today and help us spread the word!
  1. RALLY SUPPORT Help organize a diaper drive with your workplace, church, or civic group – with all the little ones we are always in need of diapers!    Or make a new years resolution to organize a “Strong Moms House Party” with your friends to raise awareness and support to ensure all moms and kids can get off to a good start. Contact Alysha for more info at alysha@mountainhomemt.org.
  1. COME TAKE A TOUR We love to share with our community all the amazing work happening here at Mountain Home! To set up a visit contact Alysha at 360-4317 or alysha@mountainhomemt.org.
  1. HELP MEET IMMEDIATE NEEDS Here are two incredibly helpful ways you can lessen the stress for families in need this season: 1) Donate gas card(s) to Mountain Home – this time of year budgets are really tight. Gas cards help ensure families can get to daycare, school, and work. The Holiday Gas Station on South and Reserve near our facility has “gas only gift cards” as do many other gas stations. 2) Give a single mom a chance to get away to shop or have a moment to take care of herself. Donate to Mountain Home’s respite daycare account at Little Griz Drop-in Daycare by stopping in or calling Erica at 549-4848.
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