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Mountain Home was created by Laura Snyder, who through her work as a labor and delivery nurse became compelled to respond to the urgent need for teenage mothers to have a safe place to live with their babies. In 2000, Laura gathered together an energetic group of compassionate citizens to form Mountain Home’s first board. They then joined forces with a local philanthropist, Bonnie Hamilton, who generously donated her home to the cause.

MHM 2017 report cover - mom with babby
Mountain Home Montana
2018 Annual Report

Gypsy Ray

Founding Executive Director

Gypsy Ray, a social worker and advocate for young mothers, became the founding Executive Director, and Mountain Home was born! With Gypsy at the helm for more than a decade, Mountain Home developed a strong foundation of providing high-quality care for moms and kids. Since our founding, Mountain Home has now helped more than 1,000 young mothers and children build brighter future.


Mountain Home was founded by Laura Snyder, who created our first Board of Directors.


We hosted our first annual Festival of Trees Benefit.


Bonnie Hamilton donated her family home and one acre of land to the organization. We opened our doors on August 7 with room for 3 young mothers and children. Gypsy Ray became our founding Executive Director.


Our home increased to 6 bedrooms.


Our client qualification age range increased to 16-24 (previously 14-19).


Mountain Home’s 10-year anniversary celebration.


Our Transitional Living Apartments opened allowing us to provide shelter for 12 mothers and children at a time, doubling our capacity.


Mountain Home Montana earned licensing as a Mental Health Center, enabling us to offer case management, therapy, support services, respite childcare and employment support to outpatient clients as well as residential.


While celebrating our 15th anniversary, we reached a milestone of having served 700 young mothers and children.