Mountain Home Montana Board and Staff

Steph Goble

Executive Director

Steph Goble became Mountain Home’s Executive Director in 2021. Steph comes to Mountain Home with a background in nursing leadership, nonprofit management, communications, and public health. Over the last seven years, Steph has built a career in nursing, most recently serving as the Clinical Nurse Manager at St. Patrick Hospital, where she oversaw a busy unit with a staff of 51 employees. Prior to her clinical management experience, she worked for several years in Labor & Delivery as well as the Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Steph is a passionate advocate for women and children’s mental and physical health and will work tirelessly to build upon the successes of Mountain Home to shape our future.

Laura Snyder


Mountain Home was created by Laura Snyder, who through her work as a labor and delivery nurse became compelled to respond to the urgent need for teenage mothers to have a safe place to live with their babies. In 2000, Laura gathered together a great group of people to form Mountain Home’s first board. They joined forces with a local philanthropist, Bonnie Hamilton, who generously donated her home to the cause. Gypsy Ray then became the founding Executive Director, and Mountain Home was born! Laura continues to contribute her talents and passion to Mountain Home as a star volunteer and engaged advisory board member.

Steph Goble
Executive Director
Alysha Goheen
Director of Development and Planning
Kat Cowley
Development Coordinator
Alyssa Strauch
Finance Director
Colleen Piluso
Human Resources & Admin Director
Sarah Willmon
Residential Director
Desi Leathers
Lead Resident Care Coordinator
Alicia Fowler
Resident Care Coordinator
Tennessee Glenn
Resident Care Coordinator
Sara Cate
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Mistee Brown
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Katie Galang
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Tia Liepins
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Jessica Moe
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Rhianna Swanson
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Faith Cornett
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Kat Schreck
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Brittany Blair
Relief Resident Care Coordinator
Stacy Houge
Clinical Director
Greta Jernberg
Lead Therapist
Elizabeth Dublinski
Adult Therapist
Beth Brewer
Children's Therapist
Melissa Pickett
Lead Case Manager
Jen Mougeot
Case Manager
Cassie Sapp
Case Manager
Erin Scoles
Supported Education & Employment Manager
Adrinna Teran
Supported Education & Employment Coordinator
Stephanie Wright
Supported Education & Employment Coordinator
Bianca Palumbo
NEXT Coordinator
Meagan Locke
Childcare Director
Oshi Hammond-Wegman
Early Childhood Teacher
Katie Reagan
Early Childhood Teacher
Baylee Weston-Masters
Early Childhood Teacher
Roe Erin
Community Organizer
Cheyenne Cook
Community Center Support Specialist
Brittany Hancock
Family Support Specialist
Katie Frank
Community Support Specialist
Heather Nutt
Peer Support Specialist
Mary Gibbons
Rattle & Roll Manager
Evan Brummet
Property Specialist
Kira Huck, President
Foundation for Community Health
Jamie McConnell, Vice President
Women's Voices for the Earth
Kelly Buckley, Secretary
Human Resources Consultant
Brenda Peyton, Treasurer
Tracy Boehm Barrett
University of Montana Rural Institute
Sami Stanley
Student Choice
Phill Guay
Business Consultant
Kelly Driscoll
Driscoll Hathaway Law Group
Jaylyn Baxter
Partners in Home Care
Sarah Bush
Famous Footwear
Beth Conway
Women's Voices for the Earth
Ana Beard
Mother and Advocate
Laura Snyder, Advisor
Advisory Board Member