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Our mission is to provide a safe home and nurturing community where young mothers discover their strengths, and children thrive.We provide shelter for young mothers who need a place to live, and a network of support as they create safe, stable, and nurturing homes of their own.


1) SERVE MORE, reaching all of the young families who need us most.

Background: Every year in Missoula County there are approximately 200 mothers between the ages of 16-24 who are single, living below the poverty line, and likely in need of mental health care. In 2015, Mountain Home served 50 young mothers with 70 children—only 25% of the families who need us.

Vision: Help all of our community’s young mothers finish their education, find employment, and gain the support they need to provide safe, stable, and nurturing homes for their children.

Next steps: Ground-truth our estimates of the need for growth through an interactive community assessment; determine what proportion of our services should be devoted to residential versus outpatient services. Aim for “stages of growth,” to allow for incremental increases, and develop necessary infrastructure for each stage. Create and implement outreach and communications plan.

2) SERVE BETTER, using evidence-based programs to address trauma’s impact on the brain and the body.

Background: While Mountain Home’s clients are young, almost all of them have already experienced significant trauma, including homelessness, hunger, and physical or sexual abuse. Trauma-informed care—collaborative, integrated strategies that emphasize individual autonomy—is now the recommended approach by scientific research and many of our federal and state public health funders.

Vision: Incorporate the most effective self-regulation practices and educational techniques in all programs.

Next steps: Design and launch a trauma-informed training program for staff and clients; explore opportunities for an internal substance abuse treatment program; revamp our parenting program to be better integrated into all of our services; re-evaluate Mountain Home’s policies and procedures to re-center on the autonomy and empowerment of the client.

3) SERVE SECURELY, by owning our own home.

Background: In 2000, Mountain Home opened the doors of our now 7-bedroom group-living residence thanks to a generous donation from Bonnie Hamilton. In 2012, with a significant grant from HUD as well as individual donors, we added a mental health center and 5 independent living apartments. In all, our residential programs have given 700 young mothers and children a safe place to build a brighter future. Yet Mountain Home still carries a debt of $380,000 on the apartment building’s mortgage. Paying off the mortgage will save $18,000 per year in interest and give Mountain Home a stable base for the future.

Vision: Own our own home and use the savings to foster long-term stability in the lives of our clients.

Next steps: Creating and implementing a capital campaign to pay down the remaining $380,000.

How you can help!

Mountain Home has long enjoyed collaborating with a network of service providers, funders, local, state and federal agencies, and individuals who are passionate about creating a brighter future, two generations at a time.

Now, we’re counting on that continued partnership to turn our five-year vision into a reality.

We invite you to

1. Make a financial contribution! We cannot expand our reach, deepen our impact, or own our own home without increasing our financial resources. Visit our donate page to give online, or contact to find out more.

2. Join one of the strategic planning steering committees! Each committee focuses on one of the goals or sub-goals outlined above. Contact to find out more.

3. Spread the word! Connect us with others who’d like to help. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and online at

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Download Mountain Home Montana’s Five Year Strategic Plan

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