Community baby shower benefits young, single mothers

Two women sat in front of Shopko off South Reserve Street collecting donations late last week for Mountain Home Montana as part of the second annual Community Baby Shower. The event, which continues through the end of June, is co-organized by Soroptimist International of Missoula, which works to improve the lives of women and girls.

“We want to help moms become successful community members,” said Colleen Piluso, administrative manager for Mountain Home Montana.

Mountain Home Montana is a local nonprofit offering shelter and support for young mothers. The organization was first founded by a nurse at the Community Medical Center after she continually saw young mothers who had nowhere to go, according to Piluso. After 17 years, the organization has helped more than 1,000 women and their families.

Every year Mountain Home serves more people, Piluso said. The four biggest issues facing young mothers are mental health care, housing, child care and employment, she said. Mountain Home works to help women overcome these obstacles and seeks to end the cycles of abuse, neglect and poverty facing many of these women.

Soroptimist International of Missoula and Mountain Home Montana are working to tackle some of these large issues facing young and single mothers in Missoula. Both organizations appreciate the chance to help two generations at once.

They are primarily looking for perishable items such as diapers and formula, Piluso said, but they welcome anything that could be useful to young children.

There are two drop-off location at the two Park Side Credit Union branches. All donations are tax-deductible and will be distributed to children living in Missoula County.

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