Want to be part of building a community of support?

Mountain Home is excited to launch an intensive team-based mentoring program called Open Table this fall. Open Table is a proven team-based community mentoring model that is currently being implemented in 28 states, with Montana being the 29th  as Mountain Home joins the movement. Although Open Table originated in the faith community, tables have been launched by many secular organizations including government agencies, non-profits, healthcare providers, and private businesses.

The model is focused on helping individuals experiencing generational poverty and social isolation connect with community resources and develop a network of organic social support. The Open Table approach involves gathering a team of support around an individual in need. Each individual served, has a “table” of 6-8 volunteers who commit to meeting with them weekly as a group over the course of one year. Based on both our clients’ need for more natural social support, as well as volunteers’ interest in more meaningful ways to serve, Mountain Home is becoming an official Open Table site, so we can access their intensive training resources and ongoing support. We plan to launch the pilot program this fall/winter and start 3-4 tables within this next year.

Volunteers do not at all have to be experts but do need to be able to make the significant time commitment to build relationship, be willing to follow the mom’s lead, and take part in extensive 7-week training around offering trauma-informed support, etc. If you personally are interested in learning more about this powerful model, please contact Brittany, Mountain Home’s Community Center Manager at brittany@mountainhomemt.org or 406.360.3929. If your community organization, book group, church, etc. would like a short presentation on Mountain Home and Open Table including information on how to get involved in this exciting and impactful project, please contact Alysha at alysha@mountainhomemt.org or 406-360-4317

For an example of what Open Table support can mean to a young person, watch this short video about one mom from Texas Open Table experience and the impact it had on her life.

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