Individual Therapy and Mental Health Crisis Line

Mountain Home Montana’s Therapists work hard to provide accurate diagnoses and quality treatment for moms utilizing our Mental Health Services. Therapists provide an initial clinical assessment to better understand a client’s specific needs and aims. They then match the client with a treatment team who all collaborate together to come up with tailored, specific and achievable goals & objectives with each client. The therapies offered at Mountain Home Montana are:

  • Individual Therapy (1-on-1): Individualized therapeutic services and guidance with one of our professionals
  • Group Therapy (Circle of Security): An attachment-focused, family/peer group, that aids parents’ understanding of their child’s interaction with the world around them, and how to support them wholly through it.
  • Crisis Line: A confidential, secure telephone service available at all times to clients needing additional support from a trained crisis intervention staff member.

Therapy at Mountain Home is typically covered by most insurance. To participate in therapy, clients must be 14 years of age or older. Our confidential crisis line is accessible to all clients of any age. Our therapists understand everyone has different needs – and create safe, client-centered, culturally sensitive treatment. This support can be provided at home, in the community, or at the mental health center.

All Mountain Home Montana Mental Health Center services are compliant with HIPPA regulations as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Therapy Staff

Stacy Houge

Clinical Director

Greta Jernberg

Lead Therapist & LAC

Beth Brewer

Children's Therapist

Elizabeth Dublinski

Adult Therapist