Honoring Joseph A. Bischof, Former Mountain Home Board President

Mountain Home is so saddened to learn that Joe Bischof passed away. He was a true champion for the moms and kids here when he served as our board president. So many young families got a better start in life because of him, and we remain forever grateful. Here’s the Missoulian’s obituary. Joseph A. Bischof […]

Four Ways You Can Help Young Moms & Kids This Season

We are endlessly thankful supporters like you that are helping build brighter futures for the 160+ young moms and children we serve each year. There are many ways you can lend a hand this season to young families in need, including: DONATE Give a safe and nurturing home for the holidays for young families by helping provide the housing, education/employment support, counseling, […]

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Grateful/Not Grateful: Strong Moms News V. 12

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and school hallways and grocery stores and internet memes have all started hassling us to be grateful. While gratitude IS a proven strategy for mental health and well-being, the mantra can feel like a hot poker between the eyes when you’ve got a lot that you’re not grateful for at all. […]

Mom holding child with badge, Strong Moms Ask For Help

DON’T Be Yourself: Strong Moms News V. 11

Honestly, when it comes to parenting, most of us have to fake it on some level. After all, babies and kids are constantly changing, so even if you’ve been around youngsters your whole life, you’ve never had to deal with this exact kiddo in this exact situation. So, if you’re struggling with some aspect of […]

The New York Times Features Mountain Home!

There is a growing inequality gap in America illustrated in part by the differences in the age that women have babies. The New York Times described Mountain Home Montana as a solution for bridging that gap for young mothers and children! Read the full article here. Read the Mountain Home specifics below. Sadie Marie Groff, […]

Nonprofit debuts affordable pop-up baby thrift store

A new mobile baby clothing and accessory thrift store with affordable or free stuff for low-income families is now rolling around the Missoula community. Mountain Home Montana, a local nonprofit that’s been serving young mothers and children for 18 years, has launched the innovative new service in an effort to create more access to affordable, […]

Community Baby Shower

Community baby shower benefits young, single mothers

Two women sat in front of Shopko off South Reserve Street collecting donations late last week for Mountain Home Montana as part of the second annual Community Baby Shower. The event, which continues through the end of June, is co-organized by Soroptimist International of Missoula, which works to improve the lives of women and girls. “We […]

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DPHHS cuts would be detrimental to young moms and their kids

In response to Gov. Steve Bullock’s request for state agencies to reduce their budgets by 10 percent, the Department of Public Health and Human Services is proposing two significant reductions in services to young families provided by Mountain Home Montana.