Proud to support moms pursuing higher education

We had a great turn out for our June 18th education event! A panel of amazing women from the University of Montana’s TRIO Program, Disability Services for Students, Office for Student Success, Admissions, as well as from The Lifelong Learning Center shared information on finishing high school, prepping for college, and strategies for being successful in pursuing your education. Since […]

Mom holding child with badge, Strong Moms Ask For Help

Strong Moms News Vol 8: I did NOT wake up like this

In Volume 8 of the Strong Moms Ask for Help Newsletter, we explore ways that social media can warp our sense of reality when it comes to parenting, we offer cool tips and resources for keeping it real, and share ways to engage with Mountain Home. So check it out, then let us know what […]

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Come Rattle & Roll with Mountain Home!

We are excited to announce Mountain Home’s new project, ‘Rattle & Roll,’ set to launch this spring!

Mom holding child with badge, Strong Moms Ask For Help

Sharks and Parents: Strong Moms Newsletter Volume 2

We’re offering up advice about “shark music,” an invitation to movie morning, and safety resources for your child. Check it out!

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Asking for Help Isn’t a Weakness

Asking for help is a strength. Especially when it comes to mental health care, taking care of our minds, our moods, our fears.

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Supported Employment Program

Mountain Home’s Supported Employment Program is a win-win for moms and for employers. From the mom’s perspective: “A job means for me stability, being able to take care of my kids. I can get them food, make sure they have clothes…I can have stableness in my life, because I haven’t had that throughout my life.” […]