Celebrating 20 Years of Mountain Home by building our community!

Mountain Home began as a small house on South Avenue, home to just three young moms and their babies. With the help of our generous community, we have grown into so much more! We now offer wraparound support services including mental health, education, housing, and employment for 75 families a year.

We are honored to serve so many young moms and their children, yet disheartened at the fact that twice as many call for help. We know the Missoula community wants more for our families. And we know we cannot do this work without you. Join us now in building our Mountain Home community! We need your passion, compassion, and support to help us continue to provide the kind of community and care young Missoula moms need.

As we grow in number, we grow in reach, we grow in possibilities! Help us build an even stronger Mountain Home community to ensure 20 more years of empowering moms, so children thrive. Please make a gift of $20 today (or more) to help a mom and her child through the tough days ahead.

Want to do more? Join our Outreach Team! Help spread the word about the great work happening at Mountain Home! For a toolkit with a sample email and posts you can share with your friends this October contact kat@mountainhomemt.org or 241-2184.