Supportive Services


Open to pregnant or parenting moms ages 16-29.
Contact us to learn more: (406) 541-4663.


Find Community

Mountain Home Community Center

Mountain Home Community Center is a gateway and hub for connecting to peers and local resources, and for collaborative learning. Parenting classes, life skills classes, art classes, and self-development group all happen here. Plus, Mountain Home Montana clients are welcome to drop in for support, or to use the computers in the Community Center during open hours. Call us for the latest schedule at 406.616.2627.


Find a Job

Supported Employment Program

Supported Employment Program staff helps young mothers through every stage of landing a job and keeping it, from exploring personal skills and educational needs to honing resumes and filling out applications. Once employed, youth mothers can access day-to-day support services including childcare coordination and transportation assistance.


Find a Place to Live

Supportive Housing

We operate a group living home and 5 Mountain Home apartments. Both environments allow for connection with other young moms, and our support team. Our team can also help you find places to live independently. Stable housing is a high priority for all moms, so we have lots of experience at connecting with local resources. Learn more.

Find Day-to-Day Support

Individual Therapy and Mental Health Crisis Line

Individual therapy provides one-on-one support for addressing past traumas, overcoming addictions, and navigating complicated relationships. In addition to the support of licensed counselors, Mountain Home also offers a 24-7 mental health crisis line.

Case Management

Our team of case managers and support staff connect young mothers with the various resources they need to succeed. Access to affordable housing and health insurance are two of the many areas addressed by our dedicated staff.

Child Care

Mountain Home provides a limited amount of free drop-in childcare for families enrolled in our program. This resource is intended to give mothers time to fully participate in other Mountain Home programs and services and is available Monday-Friday. Please call 406.541.4663 for availability.


Find Pregnancy & Birth Support


Birth options and birth plans, labor and birth coaching, healthy eating during pregnancy


Connection to birth classes

Direct Supports

Transportation and companionship during OB visits and WIC appointments, support during and after birth or C-section, breastfeeding consultations


Help with processing birth experiences